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Originally Posted by MS BBQ View Post
Question about the vent holes in the bottom....

Is there any advantage to using threaded nipples with a cap instead of the conduit plugs like you see on the BDS? or is it just preference?

Also, is there much advantage to putting a ball valve on or just leaving the holes open.
You must have a way of controlling the air flow on one of the intakes be it a magnet, ball valve or flap.

The ball valve is easiest to control- but cost more and sticks out.
The magnet is cheaper - They need to be strong.
Flaps-cheap but need to be made.

As for the threaded nipples it's all up to you, they can be welded in if you fancy it.

I cook with one 3/4 hole open..
to seal it I just stuff with tin foil.

And adjust with the ball valve..


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