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No problem using the expanded 3/4" for the grate,
I had thought about it but went with a replacement Weber instead.
It was cheaper and plated too.

If you find a deal on dollies, let us know, HF no-longer carries them.


Originally Posted by jcinadr View Post
Finished reading, barrels are in the back of my truck (veggie oil - no liner), a few more errands and should be able to build (and test ) this weekend.

Alas it took 2 weeks for me to finish the thread, and I forgot some points.

1) dolly wheels - any problems with bolting them to the barrel - or should I just wait and get a barrel dolly

2) I think I have seen expanded steel #9x3/4 used for the walls and bottom of the basket - any problems with using it as the cooking grate as well?

I plan on using the liberated ash tray from the wal-mart grill (I may pop some vent holes in the side of it. Will use 3 or 4 3/4" pipe nipples (or whatever the really short ones are called), with on 3/4 valve. Basket will be a roll made of a 12"x48" strip of #9x3/4 expanded mesh (should be aprox 14" in diameter), with the bottom mounted at about 3 inches. Bottom of basket and grate are yet to be determined (see above).

I have not given thought to extras such as handles, but it will have a bottle opener.
Oh, and Hi - great forum. I think I enjoyed reading about ABT's, Armadillo Eggs, Chicken lollipops, and boink balls almost as much as the UDS.
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