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Default Dry Brisket

I'm now 1-1 in brisket.. both briskets were just the flats.. both being about 6 lbs each

My first brisket was as follows:

Took internal up to about 165.. then wrapped it with some sauce and brought it up to 195.. then kept it wrapped and put it in a cooler for 2-3 hours.. it was fantastic. Temperature on the smoker was between 225 or 250 at all times.

Work has been stressful lately and I haven't had an occassion to cook a brisket (only 2 of us plus a 3 yr old).. so I told my wife "I want to cook some meat".

So I pick up a brisket and felt like experimenting..

1. I used a mix of lump and briquettes this time (first time I used all briquettes)
2. I tried to not foil this time but 7 hours in on a 6.11 lb brisket and I was still at 173 degrees on the thick part of the flat. I got nervous so I foiled...
3. Took it off when it hit 192 (total of about 8.5 hrs). left it foiled and put it in a cooler for about 45 minutes
4. by then it was getting late so I took it out and let it rest on the counter (still wrappped) for about 15 minutes.
5. Sliced in and it had a great smoke ring but the consistency of the meat was not good... very very dry.
6. The taste was great. Used a "Salt Lick" rub. I was very happy with the taste but I just couldn't overcome the dryness..
7. Also it seems like it never fully broke down the fibers..

What did I do wrong on the second one? I think one thing is I took the temperature in the wrong end. I had my probe in the thickest part of the flat and I'm guessing that the more narrow part was done much earlier..

Help? Man this was a shot to the pride this weekend...
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