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Originally Posted by fevoice View Post
Damn The Torpedo's!

Stop watching TV and quit reading the bad-news business section. The other day I picked up the WSJ and after scanning page one - called my suicide counselor.

Remember this - in every down economy there is the seed of fortune. We have to find it. Don't run and hide - run and get the new business.

Develop unique ways to get the word out about your business. Don't invest or spend foolishly, but don't be afraid to go for it and stay the course either.

This economy will rebound and those poised for the biggest bouce back will profit the most. Regardless of how bad things may seem - people still want to have fun. And what's more fun than BBQ?

Remember, whether you've got a restaurant or just catering - our #1 product is FUN! Sell fun. It's an easy sell.

I'm in the process of taking over a small defunct BBQ joint. Am I scared. You bet - Am I gonna let fear stop me? Hell No! Remember there is a big difference between a wise investment and a foolish endeavor. The Bible says numerous times - Do Not Fear.

So Damn The Torpedos! I choose to flourish! I've got some cool marketing ideas. Contact me anytime and I'll be happy to share them.

Frank Eriksen
Roaring Fork BBQ
Boulder, CO
AMEN BROTHA!!!!! I have to totally agree with you. I watch a lot of CNN and I have to either turn off the TV or switch to something else sometimes because they keep hammering in your head how bad things are. I believe that if you surround yourself with negativity then that's what you are going to get: negative results. I'm not ignoring the fact that things aren't great right now, but I agree with you. I believe you can still make things work in this economy if you adapt. I'm starting my vending business this month and I am a little scared too. But I'm not letting it stop me. If you look back in history at people that created success for themselves, they didn't let fear or misfortune do them in and keep them from forging ahead. I'm going to give it my best and not let this economy scare me into quitting. If I don't make success for myself, at least I can say I tried. I would rather do that than sit around for the rest of my life wondering "what if".
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