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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
That is definitely creosote. You will get this built up because the wood is not buring clean. You need one or more of more air, more heat or less fuel. A small clean burning fire can give you the same temps of a large smoldering fire, but with less gunk coming off in the smoke.
Thats great, thanks for that.

So, so you think the creosote would be coming from the wood or the charcoal?
As i posted, I usually put the chunks in when i put the food in so as not to waste the smoke. I find I usually get about an hour per chunk of hickory (or thereabouts) and I usually throw another chunk in when theere's no more smoke.
Do you think I should let it smoke a while before I put the food in?
What about replenishing chunks? How many pieces all up is a good amount to use per cook (say for a butt)?
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