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If I'm doing more than 2 or 3 briskets, I use my slicer all the time. Normally package it in 1 or 2 pound vac-u-suck bags for my customers now.

I tried the electric knife routine back when I was doing 12 briskets a shot for NASCAR but it just couldn't make it through 2 without starting to over heat. I would usually package it a flat or a point to a bag. It fit a 1/2 pan just right.

You do need to under-cook it just a tad because you (or at least I) tend to slice it a little thinner. Also if you are worrying about it drying out, reserve the resting liquid (I normally add either apple juice or beef broth) and add it back before serving.

The one thing to remember is that some of them are a royal pain to clean. Just some thing to keep in mind.

Good Luck!
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