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Default Another new market. Torrance is even better!!

Yesterday, we did the Farmer's Market at Torrance and wow! The first day at this market was better than the first day at Atwater Village!

I thought that we might struggle a little bit because this is a much bigger market and there are more food vendors which means more choices. Nope!

I thought there was a chance we wouldn't do as well because the market stated at 8am. Nope!

I thought we might not do as well because we were in a park, looking for a lunch crowd on a weekday. Nope!

We had a line of folks from about 10am until the market closed at 1pm. Sold out again! We had several people who said they knew their BBQ and said they would tell us if it was bad. We gave them samples and everyone of them bought a plate. And said they would definitely be back! One lady walked by our booth and I told her to come back. She said she didn't eat bbq in California because they didn't know how to cook it here. I asked where she was from. She said Texas. I asked her where in Texas. She said Houston. I said Houston is big girl! What ward are you from? I grew up in Galveston and went to school in Houston! I finally convinced her to try some Pulled Pork. She said we don't eat pulled pork in Texas but she tried it. She said, "Gimme a rib sammich!" I also let try a slice of stuffed fattie. She said she would probably be back 3 times a month.

We also had a lady sample our food and approach us about doing concessions for a little league ball park.

All this with no advertising or word of mouth except me and Glen yelling, "Barbecue, Barbecue, Barbecue! Award winning Barbecue! Come on and get you some!"

Definitely another great day! We are being blessed and we are going to roll with it! Don't block your blessings!!
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