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Default A new KCBS?

I am a very opininate person, I make no apoligies for that. I like to believe I am an even minded and fair person too.

I have been very vocal when it comes to KCBS and what I believe was a lack of responsiveness to members inquries. And for me, in the past, their performance has been very bad. I recently renewed my KCBS membership in December, not because I wanted to but because I had too for judging.

There is a contest in Orange County in May that I want to judge. For the 1st time in my 6+ years of judging, it states you will need to provide your KCBS Membership card. I have never had one, I got my badge in 2003, but no card. I wrote KCBS an email last night to ask if I should have received this. I was not expecting to have a responce when I got to my email this morning. Does a response to an inqurie in a timely manner make everything right between me and KCBS, no it does not, I have a hard time embracing the forget part of Forgive & Forget. It is a start though!

Does it mean the squweekie wheel gets the grease?

All I know at this time is I got a response from KCBS in a VERY timely manner to an inqurie, something that has NEVER happened in the past.

Thank you Dawn at KCBS!
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