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Hi all,
Its been a couple months since i read the ENTIRE thread and i just scored my barrels to build 2 UDS's. Unfortunately, i forgot some of it...but i do have the notes i took. Does this look good to you guys:

- use 1" hole saw or harbor freight step bit with 3in1 oil for 3/4 pipe thread holes (2" up from bottom?)

- go with (3) 3/4 close nipples, 1 capped and 2 3/4 ball valves (how long should the nipples be)?

- make wallyworld ash pan from cheap bbq, mount either a rod or good hook system to lift it out easily

- expando + 18.5 charcoal grate + bolts for legs, use ss zip ties or rebar wire to secure it together (i dont have welder)

Also i was wondering, is there a "best of" list for designs/build guides for each part? There are so many pics and ideas in this thread that its hard to flush out which ones are the solid ones that i should copy....for the lid/flu, charcoal basket, ash pan, etc?

Thanks all,
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