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This will be our first year of vending big festivals and such as well. Last year we tried to get into some of them only to find that they were fully booked months in advance. Those that we did get into last year were small. Honestly, I'm thankful of that. The smaller events give you a chance to get things down. Helps you learn the ropes without spending a ton of cash. We did a music festival last summer. Had approx 3000 people a day over 2 days. We were the only food vendor on site. I've never cooked so much so fast in my life! We didn't make a ton of money (because I over purchased on some stuff) but it was enough to cover the hard cost, payroll and put some money in our pockets. It was good experience. Having never vended like that before I found there to be a wicked learning curve. As Marsha mentioned do your homework on the event and don't over extend yourself. Hope this help.
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