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Originally Posted by smokinit View Post
Hey sounds about like what I went through although I started a little earlier in the season I did the same head scratching on meals and when and what they want. I also did the family meal thing had a few bites but wasted alot so I decided to do them on a order only basis and promoted it to the lunch crowd and did better with it.Also we did very well with chicken breast sammies and steamed dogs went well also with chili and other fixens helped to get some extra $ each day. Hang in there bud it will happen if you want to chat sometime PM for my number.
Originally Posted by MrsMista View Post
Sammies are our biggest seller it seems regardless of which Market we do. I think they use it as a way to sample our meat before the splurge on a meal. Those who like the sammies usually come back for the meal. Hang in there and the crowds will come. If you're not advertising then you have to depend on word of mouth and the grapevine is not what it used to be.

Also if you think the meal is worth $45 then it's not to much. We have a guy that comes to us every Saturday to get his half rack. Also sometimes we have to make up prices on the spot because people just want meat. So give yourself some wiggle room. We kind of gauge our prices on what we charge for the sammie X's how ever much more we give. (e.g. our rib sammie has 2 bones for $4, people who just want the ribs and no bread we give them 3 ribs and charge $5) The people love it.
What size of sammie are you guys serving? We are doing 1/3lb sammies on 4 1/2 in buns, meat combos are 1/4 of each meat. We are charging $6 for the sammies. $8.50 for 2 meat combo and $9.50 for 3 meat.
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