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Our first week is now in the books... Things are tough right now with the weather. We are in the grips of a inversion. Everything is gray and cold. So to say that we started out rough is and understatement. Wednesday it rained like crazy and it was bone chilling cold. Didn't do much but get some attention from passers by. Thursday was a little better. I started out just offering sammies. Every person that came to the window wanted meals. Sold them what I could and took notes.
Friday (weather was much better) I threw together some beans and ran a 2 meat combo as the special. Brisket, Pulled pork or sausage were the choices. Came with beans and a bag of chips. We sold several of those. Got pretty excited by the number of folks that stopped for grub on our second real day of service.
Today (Saturday) left me scratching my head. Ran a one meat meal as the special and didn't sell one of them. Can't predict the public. We are getting some great feedback which is encouraging.
Next week I'm back at it. Gonna start on tuesday this week just to see what kind of turn out I might get. I'm going to run specials again, Tuesaday PP sammie, Wed - 2 Meat Combo, Thurs - Tri Tip combo, Fri i'm thinking of doing a rib special. Thinking about a family meal with a couple of racks and sides. Enough for 4-6 people. Saturday we are booked with auction gigs so I won't be out there.
I'll keep you all posted as we progress. The inversion is supposed to break up on Monday. We have our fingers crossed. It will be the first hint of sunshine we have had in more than 2 weeks!

What do you guys think about the rib special? It will run around $45 to feed the family. Is that to much to ask from a roadside vendor?
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