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I've just completed my first UDS build. Pics to follow. I have to admit, I read the first 50 pages of the thread, took copious notes and then read the redneck UDS thread too. I had enough information and measurements floating around in my head that I almost overthought how simple this really is to put together.

Unlike many Brothers out there, I had none of the required materials and invested in new stainless hardware, casters, grills, wire mesh, barrel, handles, ball cock valve, spiced wine thermometer, and step drill.

Having said that, for the $160 I spent, I could not be more proud, nor could I have bought a new BBQ pit, of the quality for anywhere close to that price. I am very particular and have the satisfaction in knowing that this thing is well built and will no doubt outlast me.....

I built a "twin" for my golfing buddy who is thinking of getting into BBQing. I've had a NB Bandera, Custom offset and a WSM and this UDS has the best qualities of each. Ease of use, quality of result and it's a great conversaton piece!

Thanks to all the Brothers out there who added to the UDS thread and especially for the detailed information and priceless pictures.

Many Thanks!
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