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Originally Posted by Bob S;828377I used expanded metal to extend the height of the charcoal pan. The sides and rear are 6 inches high and the front is 5 inches. I cut the 4 pieces a couple of inches longer than I needed and then bent the last 2 inches of one end 90 degrees. This allowed me to overlap the corners for strength and slide the pieces along each other for an exact fit. Everything was wired together with stainless steel wire. No welding at all. The extension is very sturdy and doesn't fall out when I dump the pan. I also have the pan sitting on 2 pieces of square steel tubing so it is above the lip on the cooker and slides straight out. This makes it a lot easier to handle, especially when hot.

I got the idea for the charcoal pan extension from this thread and then improved the strength of the corners. [URL[/URL]

Hope this helps.
Thats exactly what I was looking for, thanks! Would love to see pics of your mods if possible. Great idea lifting the bottom so it slides over the lip.

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