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Oh Aubrey......Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey. Perhaps I should have used the words versatile, or opposed to serious. Here are some quick points to ponder regarding the Party vs the Fatboy.

1. 2" of insulation vs 1" of insulation.
2. Total cooking area does not always translate to usuable cooking area.
3. Heavier gauge racks.
4. The locating tabs on the bottom of the Fatboy charcoal pan allow for
easier refills during extended cooks.
5. The lower profile of the Fatboy translates to less temperature
differential between the top and bottom grates.
6. The Fatboy's larger waterpan allows for increased time between time
7. The 2" inch ball drains allows for easy water pan draining, as well as
the possibility of adding autowater refill potential to the cooker with a
a easy and simple modification.
8. The Fatboy has a "hide setter" option, which allows the Fatboy to
cook at higher temps while maintaining a moist cooking environment,
brings the cooker to temp more quickly, and allows for a much more
rapid escalation of cooking temps for setting sauce or finishing
9. The Fatboy is a purpose built cooker, designed from the ground up
to cook KCBS competions. "Podge", a fellow Brethern, has won the
Jack Daniels World Championship cooking all 4 categories on one
Fatboy. That is certainly no knock on the Party, but a accolade for
the Fatboy none the less.
10. Finally, and most importanly...I just like saying "Fatboy"

Mr Freeman, judging from the time, tenor, and terseness of your response, I can only assume that your sometimes fragile psyche is already under the influence of one Mr Jack Daniels. As I am working on call this weekend, do I need to drive to your home in the middle of the night, to try and talk some sense into your booze sotted and befuddled mind?

Yours in BBQ,
Jellyroll Jones BBQ - Madison, Wi
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