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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
I have a small offset similar to yours, and I use the Minion method every time. The first thing I did was raise the charcoal grates so there was about 6 inches clearance below, which also gave me more surface area for charcoal (double sweet). Yours may already be this way, but if not do yourself a favor and make this change.
Thanks, I was already planning that. My fire grate is only about 10.5" wide and sits very close to the bottom of the firebox. I got a tip from another NBBD owner to make it 14" which will raise it up considerably.

Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Larger offset have larger and deeper fireoxes, and some have charcoal baskets designed for a snaking Minion method type burn, and they can go quite a while without refueling. For the smaller offsets though, you're gonna have to refuel.
As I have been reading this thread, I thought of a way to snake the fuel. I may try that, but it would be harder to refuel than your method.

Great stuff Bigabyte. We should rename this thread "Horizontal Offset Smoking 101"
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