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Originally Posted by sfbbqguy View Post
Know what you mean...full of piss and vinegar...I think I did the same to my neighbors when cleaning my drum out, and I live in the city!
They'll get over it when you show up at their door with some good que from the drum. Then they'll be grinding theirs out.
Just keep cleaning that sucker out and get on to the cooking.
Haha, I appreciate the encouragement, but I'm going to give the crazy old lady a break ... today anyway. She's now my official excuse to slack off.

Me, feed her? Oh the stories I could tell about living across the street from that woman! Then again I guess she could say the same thing about me, but at least I am no peeping tom! (What's the preferred nomenclature for a female peeping tom?)

If'n it weren't for ...odd neighbors, I'd have none 'tall.
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