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somebody shut me the fark up.
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1. Yes in moderation. Lots of good monounsaturated fat.
2. No. Dried and concentrated makes closer to cand as far as the sugar goes.
3. Definitely processed foods. Check your labels
4. Yes and no. Fresh vegetables and lean meats can be cheaper in some instances but research time for healthy recipes and extra prep time can make up the cost difference.
5. No Healthy eating does not have to be boring. Meals can be colorful and tasty with adding extra fats, sauces and sugars. Sometimes you have to let the food speak for itself.
6. Yes but that doesn't necessarily make it healthier. Whatever they replace the fat with would most likely be worse.
7. It can be if you make the right choices. 1 whole egg scrambles with 3 egg whites, lean deli ham fried in a skillet sprayed with pam or canola oil, whole wheat toast (not that cheap air bread) or pancakes made from a fiber enriched pancake mix topped with fresh fruit.
8. Sodium is a basic element. Salt is a molecule called Sodium Chloride.
9. No there are some very lean cuts of beef and pork that have less fat than dark chicken meat.
10. Eggs do not cause high Cholesterol. There is no clinical evidence to support this.
11. It would depend on the foods in questions and the amounts. Calories ar Clories no matter the source.
12. Yes in order to manage diabetes properly. Moderation is key.
13. Not necessarily. Adding whole grains and veggies would be a better choice.
14. No. It is always better to get your nutrients from foods. Unfortunately we don't always eat right so a supplement can be helpful to fill in the gaps.

Now let's go see if all that gibberish I spouted is true!
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