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Default Healthy Catering Quiz

Here is a healthy foods catering quiz I found. I will post results Friday or you can cheat and click the question

Are avocados a healthy choice?
Does dried fruit count as one of the five portions of fruit and veg we should eat every day?
Do we get most of the salt in our diets from the salt we add at the table or from processed foods?
Does healthier catering cost more?
Does healthy eating need to be boring?
Does margarine contain less fat than butter?
Can a traditional cooked breakfast ever be a healthy choice?
What's the difference between salt and sodium?
Is red meat always a higher fat option than poultry?
Does eating eggs cause high blood cholesterol?
Are savoury foods less fattening than sweet foods?
Do people with diabetes need to eat a special diet?
Is adding bran to food the best way to increase the fibre content?
Is it necessary to take dietary supplements to have a healthy diet?
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