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Eye... I love you cuz you are old school baby... (look at me with my stoker and being all loud mouthed about old school and some will get my humor)

I had to check the doneness of maybe 11 briskets at a time on a spinning rack cuz my Meat mama pit didn't have a stop pedal of the rotisserie.

I used an old sharpening tool that a certain someone in Lockhart, texas gave me. It was maybe 50 years old and not as thick as a new one. But If that past through with no problems you had Mecca Style Brisket. I lost it in Friedrich pit, I owned at one time. I was sad because the pitmaster that gave it to me is now dead.

Dull the end of those Ice Picks though... grind them flat.

Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
I get a similar chuckle when the probe goes in too early...... Like when the brisket is still raw instead of waiting half or 2/3 of the gusstimated cook time before checking.

In many of my write-ups and forum posts I was always recommending the use of an ice pick to judge doneness of butts and brisket. Then this guy writes me and says something like "hey man, no one has an ice pick anymore".....and he was right, I never thought of that. I did make up some of these one year from left over stainless. They work as a not only a meat probe tool, but they plug the hole from the thermometer when I rest meats. The "T" also won't poke a hole in the foil when meats are resting in the cooler. After a big summer barbecue I noticed a few didn't come home with me.

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