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Originally Posted by TysDad View Post
Ah, you assumed I was being fascetious. I did say Excellent! That could be taken a few ways. In this case, you were looking for the work and found it. Excellent! as in Fantastic! Fabulous! As in that's a Farmer's Market I might feel comfortable enough to attend without a crew of Brethren surrounding me. Not that I'd be scared by myself in Watts....but my wife wouldn't go with me....yeah, that's it, the wife wouldn't go so I couldn't....
I am sure that Watts is a lot different today compared to when I was there. I was assigned to work there in the early 70's (not sure if you were born yet ). It was not too long after the little incident in 64. The guy I had to replace was murdered on the job in broad daylight. I was reminded that I was NOT welcome in that community by most, not all, people. But that was almost 40 years ago. Different people have different memories of things. P.S. I am almost 6'6" and had the chit scared outta me several times down there!
If you (or Mrs) are serious about growing your business, shoot me a PM. We may be able too work something out!


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