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Well, TOPS BBQ came thru for the event. Here's the biggy...I arrive with my crew at 9:30 pm to begin my shift for the 2 am dinner, Sat and the head of Food Organization comes over to me to tell me that the 10 pm food vendor bailed out on them. She asked if there was anything I could do to feed their people by 10:30 that night (1 hour!). I jumped on it while I sent one of my guys to get more wood and one of the organizers purchased more meat for me to cook. We pumped out over 100 chicken dinners for the first slot. The second got tri-tip & chicken dinners.

We recieved a whole lot of compliments. This wasn't even the best I ever put out, considering I had to grill it, instead of smoking it. One of the Extreme Makeover production heads came over to us and said that we saved the day. She asked for my card and told me that she would try to give me some more credit. Not sure what that entails, but no cameras came over to record us. I ended up getting home at about 5 am. Long night, but well worth it.

Here are some pics: There's not much, because we ended up being busy in the begining. Hopefully I can get pics from other people.

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