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Originally Posted by Chavo27 View Post
After looking at allot of picture of different setups I gather that there is no right and wrong way really to build your UDS. With that said I just have a couple question, first of all the tubes with the nipple bolts at the bottom. Is that for air that can be added or removed as need. The valves with levers do they do the same purpose? How many holes should I start with in the lid? or would it be better to use a lid from a grill with a damper like round plate.
No right or wrong way but some work better than others. I like 3-3/4" pipe nipples. 2 with caps, 1 with ball valve. The bottom holes are air intake. First thing to remember is that the drum lid sealing and controlling the air intake is what makes them work so well. You can just make 3 1" holes and use sheet magnets to cover the holes to adjust air as some have done. The flat lids I use have 8 1/2" evenly spaced holes. The Weder type lids do give a hot spot but allow room for a second rack that is a real squeeze with a flat lid. I have a feeling you have not read the entire UDS thread. lot's of trial and error can be avoided if you read it.
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