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Default BuckBoard Bacon

On New Year's day, I started a Hi-Mountain BuckBoard Bacon cure on a pork butt. I rubbed it with the Hi-Mountain Cure as specified, and sealed it up with my Food Saver. Every day or so since, I turned the package over in my refrig.

Well, today was the 10th day, and I started the UDS early to smoke it. RO lump, and a stick of Hickory.

As per the instructions, I smoked it at 200-250F (depending on where you measure in the UDS) until I had 140F internal. I foiled it, and let it rest for an hour, then refrigerated. This evening, I got it out of the foil to be sliced.

After I sliced it up, I had 7 one pound packages made up with the Food Saver.

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