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Sponsors today, more than ever, want to see a return on their investment. Money is VERY tight out there.
Here's what I do to get some Sponsorship for my BBQ Classes. Works for me and may also work for Competition Sponsorships!!

Generate some immediate traffic to the business. That's what they want and need!!

Find a Meat Market (maybe one you do business with) and set up outside and give free samples of your Q to the general public. Hand out business cards and/or flyers.

Angus Meats buys my meat and everything I need except my wood.
I FILL their parking lot every day I am there.
I also fill all of my BBQ Classes.
Since I do not cater, I only focus on BBQ Classes.

Angus Meats have been there for 50 years and they claim is it the best marketing they have ever done, also. I have gotten them a LOT of new customers!!!!!
They wish I could be there every day. They are on a VERY busy highway in MN.
Lots of fun, costs almost nothing for them or me.

I also put up a Business Card Display in their store.
I hand their cards at Classes.

I will also be doing the same at an Ace Hardware store in Maple Grove , MN this summer and the same at Poolside in Little Canada, MN that sells the BGE, gas grills and all kinds of BBQ stuff.

I will probably have to buy the meat at those 2 places, but free sample meat is CHEAP!!!
I also list them as BBQ Sponsors on my web site at: They Love It!!!!!!

Hope this gives you some ideas.
That's how I roll.
Smoke On!!!!!!
Smoke On!!!!!!
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