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Originally Posted by GratefulSmoker View Post
Sponsoring a BBQ team probaly doesn't go as far as some other forms of advertising.
Well first off, I'd get this line out of your thoughts and don't use it around potential sponsors! It's not necessarily true. It depends on you. If you're only gonna compete 3 or 4 times a year in small contests where there isn't much for the public to do, you're probably right. But if you do 7 or 8 and up and pick some big contests along with smaller ones where there's a bigger attraction for the public to come out, you're obviously making it more worth your sponsor's while.

My thing is I don't ever just write a letter and leave it at that. I contact the potential sponsor in person or if I know the person, I'll call instead sometimes (except for the Schick Razor Company letter...) Then offer to send printed info or email it. I''m thinking of putting together a brochure or flyer this year because we're really gona be short cash and a sponsor is going to be critical.

Main thing is you have to show value for their dollar. Some may just like BBQ and think it's a cool idea and jump. Others more likely will need to be shown how sponsoring you will benefit them, especially in this tight economic time.

It's probably going to be necessary to explain the world of professional competition BBQ to them. The might not have heard much about it. Around Kansas City, most potential sponsor businesses will have heard of the American Royal BBQ but don't usually know there's other contests practically every weekend until you show them. Note: Here's one place I think a very nice, upgraded and professional KCBS Web site is helpful!

Good luck!
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