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Originally Posted by JD McGee View Post

Interesting JJC ya got there bro...I just use a wiggle rod...I guess I could call it a "thirdeye" rod or "twr" (thirdeye wiggle rod)...since I got the idea from Wayne (thirdeye)'s just a length of rod with a hook bent in it to reach in through the air vent and wiggle the charcoal grate.

But if I just used a piece of rod inserted through the vent, yes, that would work. But how would I justify all the cool tools in my garage? I have to use them for something when I am not working on the cars.

I like things simple. But I also like them mechanical. Which probably explains why I am currently adding bookcases to the basement, but the last bookcase is hinged to make a secret door. Sure I don't need it, but it is shaping up as a pretty cool feature.

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