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Originally Posted by sfbbqguy View Post
Love this! Is the 6" expando on the inside around the edges just to hold the fuel? What is the diameter of your charcoal ring?

Don't tell the drumheads but with something like this I might be able to nix the UDS...not that I'm looking for a reason to do that but if you can easily get 12 hours at 225* .
I think to make it work on the UDS youll need to make a basket shaped like a doenut with the hole in the middle about 6" wide, and the about 10+ inches tall. Youll need about 1/2 - 3/4" space all the way around between the barrel and the basket I assume. To get an efficient burn.

On Bbq Bubba's basket, over at TQJ, his basket is 8" tall and about 19" wide. You would need to make up for the volume lost in the center of the doenut to get the burn time you would from a traditional style basket by making the doenut, or whatever you want to call it, taller.

On edit:Bubba's ring cant be 19" it is a 8" X 48" piece overlaped about 1-1/2 - 2". My ring is 14".
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