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Got rid of the matchlight.
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"7 time World champion" competitor - he only one twice, but don't know what his sauce was either. HEH-HEH! He actually judges a lot here in the PNW, so I thought he would be a good judge and help with this project and he was...He just didn't judge at this comp. I more than likely should use the sauce in the sauce competitions and stick with the others for the meats, if I use any sauce on the meats again. He has been a great mentor no matter the case and I really appreciate and enjoy his help. But hey, in the end it's all about what I like anyway because I eat more that I compete, and I like my sauce a great deal, along with quite a few of my friends too, so no matter I will use it for gatherings of mine when I get to eat too. MMMM.

Thanks for the comments! I like to read them all, only way to learn.
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