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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
OK, one more question about the charcoal ring, do you have it set up in some way that it snakes around in only one direction, or does it burn around both sides until it reaches the opposite side and burns out?
I start the fire so it only goes one direction generaly. I just leave a space between the begining and the end, about 2". If the fire jumps to the other end I just get my tongs and move the hot coals to the other side,but its not usualy a problem because the one touch gives outstanding controll.

If I want to fast track and cook at 300* or so I will light both ends because it tends to overheat the meat on one side if I dont.

The pic with the fattys was from before I started using the 6" pieces around the outside and the charcoal would not burn thoroghly every time. With them in there occasionaly there will be a filbert sized chunk of lump charcoal or wood that dident burn all the way.

If I am in a hurry I light about 1/3 of a weber chimney of charcoal and dump it in then add the rest of the charcoal + chunks.
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