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How much time will go into preparation? $2k is great profit as long as it doesn't take you all week to prepare. It probably will take all week though. hehe...600 folks is a lot of food. Good luck on the job. I have said before that I like to make $1000 a day minimum to cater, therefore I figure out what it will cost me to do the job and add the $1000 a day and that is how I have been pricing. So far, it has been working but then I have not had to compete with others on most of the jobs I do.

I guess another question to ask is, how far off were you on last years bid? Also, did the caterer that did get the job last year do a good job? I ask that because if he did, he might bid slightly higher and still win the bid. I would pay extra for a known commodity rather than give an unknown the gig because he was the lowest bidder.
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