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Default Reverse Flow cooker

Mo...I bought a Lang 84 last March and have had nothing but GREAT success cooking on it. The cooker/ smoker area is huge and the smoke translates very well thruout the entire cooking grates (both upper and lower) and no matter how much I am cooking on it (I cater many events)! The smoke flavor with the reverse flow as well as the temperature remains pretty constant thru the entire chamber. I have been thrilled with the way the reverse flow operates and cannot say enough good things about it. I must admit that I was leary when I first started looking at buying one since I had no experieince using one, but Ben Lang took as much time explaining the proper way to use it before I purchased it and it is a awesome cooker. I agree with the other posts about the temp variance and how it can be controlled by raising the the tongue up or down. My cooker usually runs about 15- 20 degree different from end to end.

Charbroil offset

Lang 84
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