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Originally Posted by Chuckwagonbbqco View Post
Some groups always want bids for their events. I bid a lot of sportsmen dinners (Duck's Unlimited, etc) I bid dinners at what I would normally do the job for--no special deals. The only thing that I do different is I never bid it at an exact dollar amount like $12.00----I would bid it at $11.88 and figure out a way to save 12 cents per person. I always set up one buffet line for every 100 people to expedite serving.

A 600 people dinner -I would set up 3 serving tables and have people go down both sides. Beans, rice, potatoes etc are inexpensive to cook---I have found that I can save money by letting the people serve themselves the side dishes---paying servers costs more than cooking extra beans. I set the table by the cost of the dish---least expensive first ---leading up to the meat at the end. By the time most people fill their plates with salad and beans and bread---there is not a lot of room for meat. I always have servers for the meat--standing at the far end of the table so they can serve people coming down both sides.
I agree with the above esp. the pricing (but then this is not my primary job so I can take the $75 hit easier than others).

I like the sequence of foods. I'll have to use that in some of my jobs where I ended up with left over sides....
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