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Originally Posted by Chuckwagonbbqco View Post
Some groups always want bids for their events. I bid a lot of sportsmen dinners (Duck's Unlimited, etc) I bid dinners at what I would normally do the job for--no special deals. The only thing that I do different is I never bid it at an exact dollar amount like $12.00----I would bid it at $11.88 and figure out a way to save 12 cents per person. I always set up one buffet line for every 100 people to expedite serving.

A 600 people dinner -I would set up 3 serving tables and have people go down both sides. Beans, rice, potatoes etc are inexpensive to cook---I have found that I can save money by letting the people serve themselves the side dishes---paying servers costs more than cooking extra beans. I set the table by the cost of the dish---least expensive first ---leading up to the meat at the end. By the time most people fill their plates with salad and beans and bread---there is not a lot of room for meat. I always have servers for the meat--standing at the far end of the table so they can serve people coming down both sides.
We set up the same way, thanks for the validation of what we do. We have done DU, etc, and man can those guys eat. Almost as bad as drunken golfers! I ran the numbers last night again at actual costs vs. ouir standard menu which stops at 200. Looks like we'll be ok.
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