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Default End of year Tubesteak..Bob Brisket Sr. and Jr. Style!! PRON

Well, this year is the start of a new tradition. We've had our fill of tamales from neighbors, in-laws, etc. We can even buy them from folks in the Wal-Mart parking lot selling them outta their car!! We also had our fill of menudo too. My Dad has a nasty cold, so Prime Rib is out since we are staying home this year. I'm hoping to keep this new tradition going with my son and later on with my daughter too! I've been dying to try my new Grizzly Stuffer. For the's a KICK ARSE STUFFER!! I highly recommend it. It cut the time by more than half by using the stuffer instead of the grinder. Actually, I think my New Wing Man helped the process go faster. It helps to have someone manning the stuffer crank!!
Gotta love it!!

Started with these two bad boys!!

Here's the HOT batch!! EVERYTHING went into the grinder. I use all fresh ingredients and no additives, preservatives, etc. It goes from the stuffer to the grill or the freezer.

The Sweet mix. LOTS of garlic.

The Gear.

My Wing Man!! I noticed he was outta uniform!! (Brethren Cap)

Got him in proper attire....Feetie PJ's and Brethren cap.

He worked the crank like a champ!! That's the look of concentration!!

Me and my tubesteak!!

Final count! ? I forgot to count em all!

Leftover Hot Mix onto the skillet!!! Chef's sample. Good stuff!!

Ready to go into the deep freeze. A batch of each will be properly smo/grilled either tomorrow or Friday for the Throwdown!!
ASHMONT.....................No, you can't have any!!

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