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Thanks for the input, guys.

Originally Posted by Pork Smoker View Post
Did you season the Drum?

Originally Posted by swamprb View Post
Are you using lump?
I have used two bags of Kingsford briquettes, about half a bag of Royal Oak briquettes and one bag of lump (Cowboy) but am going to pick up some Lazzari lump.

Originally Posted by Cliff H. View Post
I don't think it is creasote. I think it is moisture that is forming due to the high humidity inside and outside the smoker.
Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
I think what you are seeing is a natural version of 'Liquid Smoke'... Basically smoke that has collected within moisture drops...
I think you guys might be right. I noticed that my SnP which hasn't been lit since the brisket I smoked the first week of November is getting a little moisture in it which is turning the inside coating (seasoning) a little wet and oily feeling. I know the inside of this smoker was dry when I cleaned it out after the brisket. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on it in the damper weather.

Thanks again.

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