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Originally Posted by DDave View Post
I was cleaning the grate on my drum today in preparation for a 5 pound butt that is going on New Year's Day and there seemed to be an awful lot of oily creosote residue on the grate. I have 8 - 1/2" holes in the lid and whenever I was test firing it and the one time I cooked on it, all of the holes were open. I only blocked them off at the end of the fatty cook to put the fire out.

Should I remove the grate at the end of the cook when I am putting the fire out? There seems to be a lot of residue on the lid as well. Do you just clean it real good before each use?

On edit: It was fairly cool and damp out the times I have been using it. Is this more of a winter time problem that may clear up when the weather warms up a bit?


Sounds like you had a lot of smoke and a very low heat.

Did you season the Drum?

I always use a grill brush on my grate at the end and the start of every cook.

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