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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
What is the overall height?
Seems like a short drum of 6" would be enough to allow two racks and the flat lid.
How tall is your short drum?
"you should be able to get the seal with stove gasket rope siliconed (with high temp food grade silicone) to the lid (that is welded to the bottom of the drum) and the lever clamp would tighten it down. Real interested in how it works."
I think the overall height is about 44 inches. The bottom drum is about 12 to 13 inches. Gives me about 4 inches below the fire grate, 25 inches to the first rack, 7 inches to the second rack, and then 7 inches to the lid. I will probaly add about 2-3 inches for a rolling base with wheels, but at 6'1" that still leaves me with a good height to work easily. The wife is 5'2", she will never use it, but if she does I can build her a step stool.

I like the idea of stove gasket. Will check that out this week.

ps: I grabbed 7 oak pallets to burn this drum, that was a little too many. 4 would have been fine.
Here is the start of the burn...

I think it was running a little hot because the bottom half of the drum was glowing...

Luckily the neighbors didn't call the fire department. Yet.

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