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Default First UDS update 2

Got some more work done on my UDS today. Gonna name it the JDS™ which stands for Jaronimo Drum Smoker©

Worked on the firebox today...

Read about some issues people had with ash build-up and having to shake or kick the barrel to shake the ashes. That was when I had the idea for the JJC™, which is the Jaronimo Jiggly Crank©

The JJC™ is a bar with square tubing and a handle. When you turn the handle it vibrates up against the ashtray and shakes out any loose ash...

Heres a picture of the JDS™ with the top barrel attached to the firebox with the lever clamp that keeps the barrel tops on tight.

Have not burned the barrel out yet, waiting till I get everything welded up first. Maybe this week I will burn it. I have to get rid of the Castrol paint and change it to Texaco since my father in law and grandfather in law both retired from Texaco.

You can see the two welding burns on above the Castrol logo, those are my two racks. The bottom rack is 25 inches about the fire grate and the top is 32 inches above it. I get 7 inches on the top rack with a flat lid on the JDS™. I am looking for a Weber or Uniflame domed lid and will hinge that on once I find one. I am also carving a wooden handle for the Jaronimo Jiggly Crank© because that bolt hanging on there is just too ugly.

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