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Find your packer first. They will have a label maker that you can work with. There are specific things that will need to be on your label in a specific way. You'll want a label maker that knows these things. Some don't. Make your co-packer review your label as well. Since they made your product for you, they have liability until that product is consumed. Oh, and get some business insurance... and an LLC... and a State Tax ID... and pay your sales tax!

Make them sign a nondisclosure before you give them a recipe. The first packer I talked to didn't know what an NDA was. They didn't get my recipes!

If you want to do some bottling yourself, check out Fruend Container. Great customer service with those guys.

Your co-packer may have bar codes that you can use, but understand that using their barcode makes it harder to leave them since you've invested in labels. The more labels you buy the less expensive they are. I buy 5000 at a time, which isn't much compared to some products.

I don't know what it takes to get a sauce off the ground, but a rub costs about $2000-$2500 as an initial investment. You could enter with a lower investment, but your costs per unit are going to be a LOT higher. The first product takes some Moink Balls to take the initial step. The second and third products get easier and easier. You have more confidence, cash flow, and retailers. In other words, you aren't starting at ground zero.

Good luck!
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