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Originally Posted by jwalk721 View Post
My wife is worried it's going to blow up on me. It won't....will it?
I'd make sure it's empty before torching it!

Here is the MSDS for acetone...check it out.


Flammability of the Product:
Auto-Ignition Temperature:

465C (869F)
Flash Points:

CLOSED CUP: -20C (-4F). OPEN CUP: -9C (15.8F) (Cleveland).
Flammable Limits:

LOWER: 2.6% UPPER: 12.8%
Products of Combustion:

These products are carbon oxides (CO, CO2).
Fire Hazards in Presence of Various Substances:

Highly flammable in presence of open flames and sparks, of heat.
Explosion Hazards in Presence of Various Substances:
Risks of explosion of the product in presence of mechanical impact: Not available.
Slightly explosive in presence of open flames and sparks, of oxidizing materials, of acids.
Fire Fighting Media and Instructions:
Flammable liquid, soluble or dispersed in water.
SMALL FIRE: Use DRY chemical powder.
LARGE FIRE: Use alcohol foam, water spray or fog.
Special Remarks on Fire Hazards:

Vapor may travel considerable distance to source of ignition and flash back.
Special Remarks on Explosion Hazards:
Forms explosive mixtures with hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, nitric acid, nitric acid + sulfuric acid, chromic anydride,
chromyl chloride, nitrosyl chloride, hexachloromelamine, nitrosyl perchlorate, nitryl perchlorate, permonosulfuric acid,
thiodiglycol + hydrogen peroxide, potassium ter-butoxide, sulfur dichloride, 1-methyl-1,3-butadiene, bromoform, carbon,
air, chloroform, thitriazylperchlorate.


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