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Yhe only thing I'm missing is the drum. Actually I have one but was wondering if it was safe to use. I've been looking for about a month now and there are none to be found around here. My father in law brought one over today from his shop but it was used for acetone. When you open it up there is no smell at all coming from it so I'm thinking it will be okay. I was wondering what all of you experts think. Thanks in advance.

I just picked up 2 perfect drums. They are almost too pretty to start cutting up. They were Castrol oil drums. I looked inside and they are almost perfect and clean. I asked the guy if he cleaned them and he said "No, sometimes they are not filled with oil, but have plastic bag liners with other stuff in them" I guess that only applies to open top drums.

This one must have held something other than oil because there is no smell, no residue, and there are a couple of very light surface rust circles inside the barrel where it looks like something rubbed against the inside of the barrel in shipping.

I hit it with some acryli-clean wax and grease remover and only got a very light coat of dirt off the inside of the barrel. I let it sit for a while and when I checked again it appeared to be bare metal so I lightly scuffed it with a greenie pad and the next day it had surface rust on that spot. I will still run it through a burn cycle, but I am pretty confident it is clean now.

The acetone should evaporate without leaving a residue, if its the higher quality acetone. There are some lesser purity acetones that will leave a slight residue. I would do a good cleaning with soap and water first. That would remove most of the residue if there is any, and then do a burn. By washing it first you don't have to worry as much about the burn fumes that may come out of the drum.

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