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Depend on the class and what you get out of it. I took the ISS class last June. Up until that point I was doing OK but not really walking and losing interest fast in comp cooking. Besides being exposed to such great knowledge the class itself was one of the best times I have had cooking. Fast forward to my first comp on my own August in New Holland PA. I tanked. Like many great cooks have said before, they could give their recipes to 20 different guys at the same comp and result would be completely different for all of them. I went about it the wrong way. I tried to plug the rubs and sauces that they used in to what I always did and it backfired. My next contest was a month away and I had plenty of time to think about. I sat down and wrote out a plan and a time line incorporating what I have always done with what I had learned in the class as far as teamwork, responsibilities , delegating etc. I am gonna guess that it either worked or was pure luck because that contest I was GC and it was a contest that ISS was cooking at as well so I can be sure they held nothing back.
Was it worth every penny? Absolutely. Maybe I would of won eventually but it would of cost me plenty of time, trial & error and at $600-1000 per contest you do the math. Would I take the same class again? Absolutely only after this post I would like a discount My only disappointment with the class was that Steve did not teach us how he did the short ribs from the Jack
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