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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Hook up a chain to the meat mamma, hook the other end to a local street lamp, Leave back door open and drive away.

Using this technique, you will find the meat momma will move out of the truck very quickly.
Actually Phil, this is very close to how we did it. Years back my dad's boss rolled a flatbed into a Uhaul and then piled all his stuff on top of the trailer. The trailer was a bit longer than Funks. When he unloaded all his other chit, he took the truck and trailer to the warehouse and got all the grunts together to take the trailer that the other grunts in the California warehouse had put into the truck by actually LIFTING the farker. We decided to work smarter, not harder.
The hitch was facing out like Funk's. It was also on the floor. We didn't hafta figure a way to lay it down. We attached two chains to the hitch and the other end to a big arse pipe on the loading dock a few feet higher than the hitch itself so it would keep the hitch from digging inot the ground. One guy pulled the truck forward till the trailer tires were on the edge of the truck door. At this point we lowered the aluminum ramp. We tied some rope to the rails on the back of the trailer and pushed the wheels off the edge and let it drop gently. Guy in truck pulled forward a little more till the back edge of the tralier met the edge of the truck. We lifted over the edge fo the ramp and then the truck pulled forward again and it slid gently down the ramp till the tires touched the ground.
The boss came out an couldnt believe we did the job with 5-6 guys when he had 10-15 to load it. They never thought of using the ramp.
In Funk's case I figure he could unload everything except the trailer and Meat momma. Once everything is outMomma gets pushed back in the truck and behind the trailer. Once trailer is unloaded and on the ground, he could winch Momma right off the truck and onto the trailer.

Guess why he went to the trouble of putting the trailer in the truck instead of pulling it behind the truck?
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