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I really feel that there is a lot of unnecessary emotion running around here.
Seems like it got "off track" a while ago.
Not a productive way to do things, IMHO.

Here is what I KNOW from first hand experience.

#1--Chad (my former partner) took the class from Myron a couple of years ago.
I was personally there at the end and reviewed his notes and the BBQ they produced.
I have since had a lot of interaction with Myron and Dobie and have even had the pleasure (yeah, sure ) of "washing dishes" for him.
There is no "disconnect" between what Chad was taught and what I have seen in person.
Myron is very open and honest with those who are the same with him.
He teaches what he cooks.
We took a lot of what he presented and adapted it to our cooking.
Great improvement, but still not scoring as well as we wanted. Our consistancy went up.
We just could not make it all "work" for us.

#2--I had the honor of cooking with DRBBQ. I found him totally open and forthcoming to any question I asked. In fact, when I was quiet (most of the time), he offered guidance and information to help me progress.
Call it "guidance" or an "a** chewing", but it really worked and helped me.
A month later, it really helped us at Key Largo with our Brisket and has ever since.
Since then, he has answered any question I asked--fully.

#3--I have cooked with Kevin (HomeBBQ) on three occasions. I have been to one of his classes (most of it anyway). I saw no "disconnect" between what he does and what he teaches. Totally open with those that are the same to him.
Once again, "bits and pieces" of his technique have helped a lot and he is always available and open if I have a question.

#4--I have met Rod (Pellet Envy) and Fast Eddy on several occasions.
I know for a fact that Rod will "share" with you and tell you point blank when you are off base. That is a compliment, Rod.
I feel that Fast Eddy is the same, but have not tried him yet.
But, I will shortly since I am cooking on FEC now.

#5--When Chad and I were first getting started in '04, Jim Minion passed along several tips which I use to this day. He did not have to do that. We just asked and he answered.

What I am trying to say has been stated above,

The guys at the top of the heap have no fear of the rest of us and do not feel the need to hold back.
You can not duplicate what they do since BBQ is still an "ART", and not a "SCIENCE".

Now, there may be some "instructors" out there that short the students.
I do not know.
But I really feel that they are in the minority and do not represent the majority!

Those few are no reason to tarnish the good being done by the professional cooks who teach or make a living at BBQ.


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