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For a second I was going to reply that duing that would cause a huge can of worms to be opened - I mean wouldn't this be like NASCAR sponsoring a car - but not the others ... then I thought about it:

For instance:
How would sponsorship teams be determined?
- I guess teams that would be willing and able to provide good representation to the public through effective dialog and demonstration from the moment the KCBS instructs them to be ready until the moment KCBS says it's OK to tear down - even during meat trim/prep and turn ins. An openmindedness and knowledge of various BBQ techiques would also be needed and possibly demonstrated.

How would the KCBS justify sponsoring a certain team at a comp instead of others?
- see above

I guess if sponsored teams realized and fulfilled their first duty at the comp - being there to teach the public - not their own results ... then I guess having the KCBS sponsor a team is not out of the question. But even just one could you hold that thought a moment, I need to complete my rib box or sorry, I need to finish injecting this pork butt before I can answer would be defeat the purpose of sponsoring a team. I mean isn't the point to welcome and educate the public to what is done in a competition?

But I don't see how a team that would actually be completing in that event's competition to be able to put the public first unless they had a specific member of the team devoted solely to that duty.

Staging a mock team (a real KCBS team that is not participating at that actual comp) at a comp would seem to be the obvious - but maybe not so practical. Set up bleachers outside their booth and have scheduled demonstration times for different parts of the process - meat prep (each catagory), smoker overviews (from stick burners, cabinets and pellet burners), turn in process, scoring, etc. But would the general public be available for these set times? I guess it would be no different then having a participating team due it - can't prep pork an hour before turn in. But still, the mock team would still be required to provide quality info outside the set demonstration times to accomodate people stopping by.
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