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Originally Posted by dresselbrew View Post
I started out with the big hole open by itself and stuck the thermometer in the smaller one. The temps wouldn't get higher than 220-230° so I added the other 2 holes. It won't be hard to fid the holes in the lid. I'll probably add another intake hole and see if it helps. Thanks for the advice everyone and keep it coming.
Go with what Bubba said.
You need enough air traveling into the fire to keep it going, you have also lost the ability to 'tune' your temps because you are starving it. You need to get to the point where you have too much air in so that you can throttle back and hit the temps you want. If you chose to stay with the 1/2" intakes then add a third and put a ball valve or some sort of air flow control in place.
Originally Posted by dresselbrew View Post
Another problem I'm having is my basket is too big. Apx. 15" diameter and 6" tall. I'm thinking of making another ring to set inside that's smaller for the shorter cooks. Maybe something like an 8" diameter.
You can always make a smaller basket to fit inside the larger one.

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