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Default My 1st Weber and Mods - PRON

I scored my first weber for $4.00 and it included an unopened bag of Kingsford (small). I asked the kitchenbitchamatic to pick up a pork butt, not a shoulder (after 40 years, I should have know better!). She came home with home with a 5.6 lb "Bone-in shoulder pork butt" for $10.00.

So, I placed it on my weber score and the lid would not close, DUH. So off to HD for Mod material to make an "extender". While I was at it, I added a Charcoal "ring" (left over expanded metal from my NB fire box design) and a water pan (cut down large Bush Bean tin can). The "extender" worked better than I expected, no smoke leaks!

The extender is made from Aluminum roofing ridge material. It is sold at Home Depot in the roofing area and comes in several widths in 25 ft long rolls (they also have galvanized, do not use that). I bought the 8 inch width and used two layers where the second layer over laps the first by about 2.5 inches.

This worked out great as the food rack lets the extender fits snug between it and the inside lip of the bottom half of the grill. I used 5 Aluminum "pop rivets" at the layer over lap to hold it together. The extension is easily removed and inserted while attending to the fire.

I was very happy with the fit as NO SMOKE came out at either end of the extender and heat loss on the Aluminum extender was about half of what the black sections of the Weber was radiating.

Mods in place and some pecan wood chips I was ready to Q!

Next mods, I plan to add a bird spinner to the extender, modify the air intake and add an ash catcher attachment, when I get around to it. The existing ash holes clog up on long unattended cooks.

Some "PRON" below...temp was stable at 222 F for 1.5 hrs, so I went inside to watch football and when half time was over and me and the game were in the third quarter, I rembered to go check on the Q. Temp was down to 140 F because the bottom holes were cloged full of ash, duh, more mods needed! It is not a NB Bandera, no ash room. So I adjusted the fire and it got done and my butt was great.

Slaw and smoked pork butt great eats!

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