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O I hae a comercial kitchen that I can use with no problem so thats covered. Things are a bit differant over here and as far as burger vans and the such. The best way aboutit is to get a place to vend from the council offices. The prime spots are in the town centers, these guys fire up around half seven in the evening and end at say two AM. The clientel is mostly peoplr making their way home from the pubs and night clubs so pulinh in well over a grand on a Friday is normal. The second best is building sites, outside places like Home Dept and high traffic areas.

The drive up type of service that vwe are use to is al run by private companys and the monet really isnt there for a free lancer.

I haven't found anyone or place that rents vans though.

I want to go mobile in one unit for several reasons such as I'm limited on parking /storage space, easier to get one unit around then pulling a lunch box and I need to be mobile so that in the summer I can get to carnivals , horse shows etc because thats where the big money is.

This is the typical set up for events..

This is more of what we see daily parked on corners..


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