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Originally Posted by Butt Ugly View Post
I don't know if their business is setup for direct mail order but the owner is Harry Berrier DVM and his phone is 573-442-5309. I'm pretty sure he still operates from his residence...he's been doing it for years...he's been living for years too. His business is quite the local success story. Pretty cool gig to hire high school/college kids to mix and package your product and have UPS drive up your driveway to distribute your product for you!
This is all true.......I've met and talked to the guy several a DVM during the war, he was in charge of food inspection for his company....thus he knows all the ends and outs of food safety and is allowed to have his maunfacturing process at home....he makes 400 gallons a week, that's it.....he had a hard time getting people to try his BBQ sauce in the beginning, thus he came up with the meatloaf recipe that to this day is on the label of the bottle.......I think I had sent Brian some Show Me sauce as part of a sauce trade or something a few years back, Brian's comment then was "that meatloaf recipe is knock your dick in the dirt good!"

Brian, send me your info in a PM and I'll see if I can't hook you up.
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